T-Shirts from GRAPHIX & STUFF are top quality heavyweight 50/50 Cotton Polyester blends from brand names such as HANES, GILDAN, JERZEE and other top quality brands. These are used because of our extensively variable processes used in the embellishing process. These 50/50 blends are compatible with all InkJet and Dye Sublimations as well as Heat Vinyl and PolySol transfers. Best of all they hardly shrink; actually far less than pre-shrunk cotton apparel. With PROPER CARE you can be assured a long life of use from each and every garment supplied by GRAPHIX & STUFF.

Different designs by GRAPHIX & STUFF require different Application processes and therefore certain availabilities apply. InkJet and Dye Sublimation inks are transparent and as such can be applied to light colored shirts only. Even still some light colored shirts may affect the final appearance of the design. In other cases the design itself will warrant application to darker colors. GRAPHIX & STUFF makes every effort to provide the best solution to each application.

GRAPHIX & STUFF has exclusive rights, from The Tripoli Rocketry Association, Inc., to operate THE TRIPOLI STORE; the source of all things branded TRIPOLI. Looking for their T-Shirts, Jackets, Hats, Mouse Pads, License Plates, Decals etc. The Tripoli Store is where you want to go.


Does your club or organization need T-Shirts, Caps, License Plates Sweat Shirts Polo Shirts; whatever.  Consider GRAPHIX & STUFF. We specialize in Rocketry, that's where we started, however we can assist any venue with items that will make you look good. We can also supply you with a store to sell your wears. Anything you need from Event Shirts to Decals, we can help you. It doesn't cost anything to ask. Contact us today: